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Once you get your test results and comprehensive report you will have lots of information about your health, the consultation option is perfect for anyone who does not have someone to help guide them with a treatment plan.

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This offer is only available in the U.S (except NY)

The blood draw is done at any Lab Corp location

You will get a comprehensive 90+page report with a detailed analysis of each marker

The report includes optimal ranges plus the lab reference range

Contact before you order if there are any additional markers you want to add to the test


What Others Are Saying

"I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Planet Naturopath to family or friends, or anyone wanting to improve or optimise their health. Michael’s genuinely caring, empathetic and supportive approach, his wealth of knowledge and his follow up are definite stand outs. The tests and services that Planet Naturopath provides are far more comprehensive than other practitioners and I’ve certainly felt that all tests and supplements have only ever been recommended on an ‘as needed’ basis, not over prescribed as can sometimes be the case elsewhere."

Anja Skyba
"Michael Smith has helped me immensely over the past three years. being a professional athlete, dieting and keeping my body in balance is critical and with Michael's help across the board, I have been able to keep in top shape, allowing me to be on top of my game. His knowledge and guidance are second to none and I am so grateful to have someone I trust with something as important as my health."
Ali Day