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The GI-MAP Test can help provide a more complete and accurate picture of digestive health for anyone

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Zonulin is an add-on test for leaky gut for $70

Recommended if this is your first GI Map Test
Zonulin is a marker for intestinal permeability, it is also associated with autoimmune conditions and food intolerances. If you have never tested Zonulin or have tested high previously I recommend getting tested.

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The G.I Map Test will provide solutions to your digestion problems

Includes shipping to and from the lab

3-week turnaround time for the results

Includes email support to answer any questions about doing the test

You will be emailed a pdf of the results as soon as they are ready


What Others Are Saying

"After years of bouncing between medical practitioners, I had the good fortune of stumbling on Michael Smith who has been instrumental in helping me. Michael has been incredibly supportive throughout my consults and I am very grateful for his expert guidance in helping me to understand and regain my gut health after suffering from dysbiosis for far too long."

Matt Bushby

"The GI-MAP test represents a significant breakthrough in functional medicine assessments for GI pathogens. We are already finding many chronic infections that were undetected with standard lab testing methods and seeing the benefits in terms of better treatment outcomes for complex patients."

Dr Daniel Kalish